Session Proposal Questions

Interested in submitting a proposal? You might like to review the form questions we’ll be asking so you can start preparing your answers before completing the form.

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Presenter Information

  1. Name

  2. Phone Number

  3. Email Address

  4. Title

  5. Organization/Affiliation

  6. Organization/Program Website

  7. Biography (keep it brief, but informative. 75-100 words)

  8. Will there be other people involved in this session? (If yes, you will be asked to provide the above information for each co-presenter/facilitator.)

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is important to us, and we want to give voices to those who aren’t usually represented. Please make all efforts to include people who are diverse in terms of age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ancestry, gender identity, race, physical abilities, marital status, military experience, religious beliefs, economic class, geography, education, parental status, work experience, and/or other characteristics. Please provide any information you and your presenters are comfortable sharing regarding the diversity of your presenters.

  1. What diverse characteristics are represented by the presenters in your proposed session? (Please provide any information you and your presenters are comfortable sharing)

  2. What previous speaking experiences do the presenters in your proposed session have? Please list previous speaking engagements (up to 4), including topic and event.

  3. Do any presenters in this proposed session need special assistance? If so, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them:

Session Information

  1. What is the title of your proposed session? (Tip: make it intriguing! Consider the 2019 theme, "Celebrate. Mobilize. Transform.")

  2. Please provide a summary of your session (Tip: keep this short & snappy! 2-3 sentences that focus on the outcome).

  3. Please provide a full description of your session (Tip: make it exciting! Attendees will use this to decide whether or not to attend your session. 200 word max)

  4. When participants leave your session, what will they have learned or be able to do? (150 words)

  5. What level of experience will participants need for this session?

    • Introductory, no previous knowledge of topic needed

    • Intermediate, some familiarity with topic needed

    • Advanced, knowledge of topic needed for full participation

  6. For which institutional sector is your session intended?

    • All sectors

    • Pre-K

    • K-12 Schools

    • College and university

    • Healthcare

    • Corrections

    • Other, please describe:

  7. What is the preferred length of time for your session?

    • 5-10 minute lightning round

    • 75 minutes

    • 2.5 hours

    • 3+ hours (only applicable for a pre-conference session on Tuesday, April 2nd)

  8. Who is the intended audience for your session? (choose all that apply)

    • Government staff/officials

    • Farmers, fishers, and/or aquaculturists

    • Food service management companies

    • Food service directors/chefs

    • Supply chain businesses (food hubs, distributors, processors, etc.)

    • Students

    • Educators/faculty

    • Administrators/executives

    • Advocates and nonprofit organizations

    • Investors

    • Other, please describe:

  9. What format are you proposing for your session?

    • Roundtable discussion

    • Collective problem-solving or brainstorming session (world cafe, etc.)

    • Professional development or skill-building session

    • Panel discussion (2-3 presenters and a moderator or facilitator)

    • Presentation (1-2 presenters)

    • Lightning round

    • Networking meeting

    • Culinary demo

    • Workshop

    • Pre-conference tour on Tuesday, April 2nd

    • Pre-conference session on Tuesday, April 2nd (meeting, training, workshop)

    • Other, please describe:

  10. How will your session engage participants? (100 words)

  11. What topics/themes will your session cover? (choose up to three)

    • Metrics & evaluation

    • Food production & processing

    • Messaging/ storytelling

    • Purchasing, contracts, & RFPs

    • Network & movement building

    • Working with diverse stakeholders

    • Building supply chain

    • Community health

    • Teaching & engaging students

    • Staff engagement

    • Policy

    • Culinary

    • Transparency & traceability

    • Other, please describe:

  12. What audio or visual equipment will you need for this session?

    • Speakers

    • Projector

    • Flip chart & markers

    • Other, please describe